Wyeth Oh Wyeth!

Wyeth oh Wyeth!!?? What could have happened to you???

Two months ago, I had no choice but to switch from Progress Gold 3 to Promil 3. Three weeks ago, 1.6kg Promil 3 went out of stock so I had to buy the ones in carton which is too costly, per 100gms costs P110 and she finishes that within 24 hours.

Today morning, she had no milk at all. I was hoping we could get it as what the sales lady said yesterday, I said I’ll wait. I really intend to buy the 1.6kgs as it is more practical plus she consumes it for at least a week. We never ran out of milk, except this morning… While she was having her last bottle of Promil 3, I went out (and I haven’t slept yet up to this moment) hoping to find at least one tin of Promil 3…. I checked almost all the Supermarkets and Pharmacies but no luck…. I got this instead…

I don’t have a choice but to go back to Progress Gold 3. At least, she’s used to it. And guess what? It’s now P903/1.6kgs. I remember getting it for P814/1.6kgs only. *sigh* One good thing with Promil 3 it’s cheaper heehee! It’s only P721/1.6kgs.

By the way, Deye received something today….

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  1. Hello Mitch! Nakarelate ako sa post mo. Kami naman we’re using Enervon Bright 2 , kaso lang lagi din walang stock ng 1.5 kgs kaya minsan napipilitan din kaming bumili ng 400g na mas mahal.

    Ang tanong ko e maganda ba ang Progress Gold 3? Nagbabalak kasi kami ni Misis na mag switch to Gold 3 kasi sa lakas magdede ng anak namin e hindi naman tumataba sa Enervon Bright.

    Feedback naman dyan. 😀

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  2. Hi Keng! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    So far, with my daughter okay ang Progress Gold 3, hiyang na hiyang sya. She never had problems with it. Yung 1.6kgs sa anak ko one week consumption lang yun.

    Pero alam mo kasi hiyang-hiyang din ang milk eh. I would suggest that you check with your child’s Paedia kung ano ang okay na pamalit sa existing milk nya. Ako kasi nung nagpalit for a while dahil wala mabili, Promil naman which is still a product of Wyeth. Saka I consulted her Paedia here.

    Just a thought… Hope you can visit again. Thanks!


  3. The same thing happened to me 2 days ago. My kids are on Nido 3 and they were out of sstock. Apparently, there’s a directive from BFAD that milk companies should remove the on all their milk products. Something to do with the age factor. I think Wyeth was one of the first to comply kasi yung mga naka-stock sa Landmark bago na. Ako naman naghanap pa ng gatas. Nakahanap ako kahapon kaya nag-hoarde na ako. Sabi nung sales rep, pareho lang daw laman. Iba lang packaging.

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  4. Oi, Mitch !!
    Eu sou o Nando, do Brasil, e cheguei ao seu blog através de um meme que você respondeu ..
    Um abraço pra você !! 😉

    Hi, Mitch!
    I am Nando, Brazil, and came to your blog via a meme that you answered ..
    A hug to you! 😉

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  5. @ Feng : I was thinking about it nga kaso natatakot naman akong basta magpalit kasi baka magtae, kasi so far ang nagagamit nya pa lang Promil at Progress. But I’m considering pag di na kaya ng budget hehe!


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