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Wyeth Oh Wyeth!

Wyeth oh Wyeth!!?? What could have happened to you???

Two months ago, I had no choice but to switch from Progress Gold 3 to Promil 3. Three weeks ago, 1.6kg Promil 3 went out of stock so I had to buy the ones in carton which is too costly, per 100gms costs P110 and she finishes that within 24 hours.

Today morning, she had no milk at all. I was hoping we could get it as what the sales lady said yesterday, I said I’ll wait. I really intend to buy the 1.6kgs as it is more practical plus she consumes it for at least a week. We never ran out of milk, except this morning… While she was having her last bottle of Promil 3, I went out (and I haven’t slept yet up to this moment) hoping to find at least one tin of Promil 3…. I checked almost all the Supermarkets and Pharmacies but no luck…. I got this instead…

I don’t have a choice but to go back to Progress Gold 3. At least, she’s used to it. And guess what? It’s now P903/1.6kgs. I remember getting it for P814/1.6kgs only. *sigh* One good thing with Promil 3 it’s cheaper heehee! It’s only P721/1.6kgs.

By the way, Deye received something today….

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