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Because I am not feeling well, and been wanting to withdraw my earnings from the previous week plus the Watz Ur Ulam prize money, I decided to send it {through Xoom} on my brother’s name instead. But the transaction was canceled after few minutes. I had no choice but to send it to myself just like the first transaction I made last week.

I really don’t understand why that happened, when I can send money to other people before through Xoom. Strange! Anyway, I got my money and able to buy the things I had in mind. As soon as I got home, fever hit me again ahuhuhu! Well, it’s not that I am not taking care of myself, just worried that if I stay in bed, this sickness will stay longer in my system. But you know what, I didn’t touch my PC last night and went to sleep early. It’s a miracle!!!! Hahaha!

It’s chow time… before I go on and read some good and helpful tips about maintaining high limit credit card.

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