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Yaya’s Perks and Benefits

Hiring a “yaya” or nanny is not as easy as A-B-C. Sometimes we, parents, especially mommies have to go through a lot of challenges and tests when we finally hired one. In my case, I had 9 yayas before I finally found the one. Yet, it is still early to tell whether she will stay longer with us and watch the kids grow as her own.

Last September 5, my present yaya has completed her 5 months with us, with no problems. I guess, it helped when I laid down some perks and benefits to her, and that included:

Incentives and gifts. We have recently attended a wedding in Polomolok, and of course, I also want a presentable yaya. So I bought her 2 new tops where she has worn while going there and on the wedding day. Since my in laws had stayed with us for a week, her chores has also doubled. My husband and I spoke that we will give her extra in her next payday. It doesn’t have to be a big amount. The most important thing is we, as their employers, should also learn to appreciate their extra efforts.

PhilHealth and SSS. I have asked her to apply for a Postal ID so she can finally have her PhilHealth and SSS processed. We have agreed that I will shoulder half of her contributions while she is employed with me. 

Savings on ATM. I have proposed to her that I will open an ATM account for her and an amount of Php500 from her salary to be deposited there monthly. That way, she can save something and not depend on cash advances in case of emergency. She liked the idea but unfortunately have not started yet coz she has been sending her full salary to her since I hired her.

On personal effects like toiletries etc. With my past yayas, I only provide their personal needs like soap, shampoos, toiletries and napkins on their first month. With Ate R, the present one, her requirements are also included in my grocery list. I always tell her that she can also use whatever shampoos and soaps I have for as long as she will be considerate and not waste, and treat it as if she bought it.

Her son’s school supplies. She is a single parent of one boy. When I received my 50% profit sharing from my Employer, I gladly offered to her that I will shoulder her son’s school supplies and shoes. That actually made her cry. She says that for the past years that she had been working as a nanny, she never had this kind of benefits from her past Employers. Let’s just say, I feel for her. With the sudden price hike of school supplies and other commodities, I know that her monthly salary of Php3,500 will not possibly cover everything.

Weekend day-off. Whenever possible, I give her a weekend day-off meaning 2 days in a week. However, I strictly implemented that if my schedule does not permit, if she says she will be back on this day and at this time, she has to be back with no excuses.

Above are just some of the things which I have laid down and offered to my kids’ yaya. It works. In return, my kids are well taken care of that even if I travel abroad, I am sure that my kids are in good and safe hands. Not to forget, we treat her as if she is a family member. I guess that’s what matters most. Oh! I also allow her to bring his son to our home, if she wants, as long as there are n0 classes and that she will still give priorities to my girls.

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