Things We (Both) Can’t Live Without

Lahat yata ng tao may fondness sa isang bagay, even the newborn babies. Here it goes…

She was crying this morning. Just bcoz of one thing, her “bo” (I simplified it from the word “baho”, kasi nga ambaho na ayaw nya bibitawan hehehe, and she got used to that name na).

>>> This foto was taken when she was just around 4 months. We noticed na kahit anong unan ang ilagay namin, yan ang pilit nyang inaabot at niyayakap.

Back to this morning’s tantrums, she was crying kasi nilabhan namin. And she saw her dada putting it in the machine. If you’ll see its state, ewww hahaha! You know the smell of the spilled dried milk, ganun maasim-asim. Hahaha! She would carry her bo around the house, as in parang celfone na di malayo-layo sa kanya kung icocompare sa mga mobile addicts. :p

Can’t blame her. Namana nya ata sa akin yan. I had this fave blanket and pillow case when I was still small. Ayoko kasi ng makinis na surface like tiled floors. So my dad bought me a blanket na pwede kong apakan everytime na nasa sala ako. If I’m not mistaken they named it “pugad” kasi daw para akong ibon na laging nasa pugad at naglilimlim hahaha! Sad to say di ito umabot ng buhay bago ko ma-reach ang adolescence stage, bumigay at nagkapunit-punit hehehe! But this pillowcase? Naku! Nadala ko pa yun sa boarding house when I went to college. At syempre nasermunan ako ng mother ko. Di na daw ako nahiya, gula-gulanit na dinala ko pa. Di kasi ako makatulog kung di yun ang punda ng extra pillow ko.

Kaya naman di ko masisi si Derelle sa “kabaliwan” nya sa pillow nya.

Oh well! Blame it on our pillows hahaha!

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Her First Year

People say I’m a picture addict. Yes, I am! It could be an influence of my mom when I was younger. Meron din kasi akong album na every year ata dinadala nila ako sa studio. I wish na sana ganito na din ka-hi-tech dati. Baka siguro meron din akong CD hehehe!

Lalo na kung pagdating sa anak ko. I had compiled them in CD month by month of her first year. Lahat na ata ng kilos nya dati kinukunan ko hehehe! I picked out the last ones each month, and made a collage.

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Happy Feet Madness

Since we have let our daughter watched Happy Feet, she would tap her feet and point the TV asking to play it on.

Nangingiti ako dahil she remembers the movie, pero sa isang banda nalulungkot din coz I’m missing my programs.

But how can I say no? She really enjoys the movie. Seeing her watch it makes me happy. Kaya goodbye to teleseryes hahaha!

Image source : Blog Way Baby

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On Vanity

When I took the vanity test, I concluded that I am not vain. I think I have to take it back. I’m vain… but not quite to myself. It has something to do with my daughter heehee!

Look at this photo. I’ve done her hair this way in the morning. It should match her dress in any way. And with this style, it took me more than 30 minutes to finish it. I wanted it neat and even. To make it possible, I had to give her bunches of trinkets to keep her busy and sit still. And I didn’t care no matter messy the bed was with all the scattered trinkets for as long as I have her attention.

Same goes with my hair. May it be short or long, I still take so much of time in front of the mirror. And I will end up having it tied up hehehe!

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