Desperate Measures Against Boredom

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Would you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your husband/wife? In your dreams!
Where were you last week? Attended children’s party.
Do you like Big Macs? Yup.
Are you single? No.
Do you like the color orange? Sometimes.
Do you find it in your heart to forgive? Yes, of course but it takes time for me to do that depending on the damage done to me.
Would you rather not eat or not sleep? Not sleep.

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She Understands And Speaks Tagalog Now

I’ve been using “glassbreak” tone as my message alert in my phone. I admit, it does hurt your ears. That moment mom was inside our room playing games in the computer. Then suddenly my phone received a message and my mom said in Tagalog:

Mom : Sakit naman sa tenga nyan!

Guess what my little one replied?

Deye : Cover your ears Mita!!!

LOL! Oo nga naman heehee!


Just now she had her first bottle of milk in the morning finished. I asked her to put the lid back to the bottle. I was just observing her. The bottle has this certain lock so it won’t spill the milk. She tried but she couldn’t, then she said:

Deye : Hindi kaya, Mama!

Yup, at 2 years and 4 months she talks real straight now like a grown up!

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Link Exchange

When I was still new to blogging, I first thought that link ex was “link exposure” LOL! I remember someone left a message in my shoutbox saying “care to ex link?” But I didn’t pay attention to that until I finally learned that it was some kind of exchanging blog links. Since it’s so “in”, I went with the flow and even added a separate page in my blog just for that.

As days passed by, blog links from different people have been added, until I found the list too long already. So I asked helped from Yen about the scroll thingy.

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