My Weird Side

I got tagged by Kristine for the first time hahaha!

Okay here’s my weird side….

1. I sprinkle ground black pepper when I eat watermelon heehee! Don’t ask me why, I just like the taste.

2. I cry watching sad movies. I know it’s normal, but it’s not when you’re watching a Hindi or French movie hehe! Imagine getting too emotional just by watching the scenes without even understanding their dialogues?

3. I only eat the white part of a boiled egg.

4. But I eat the yellow part when it’s fried (sunny side up). :p Weirdness talaga no?

5. I still eat Cerelac but I never add water in it. Para lang polvoron hehe! Kaya nga when my daughter didn’t like it, walang nasayang coz I was there to finish it off. Sulit!

6. Gosh! Dapat ko ba itong sabihin? Hahaha! Actually, just like my daughter, I still have my own pillow, and I love that certain smell hahaha! Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

Kayo naman Chateau, Feng, Greymom, Rachel, Lady Cess and Lady Luxie.

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Mother’s Instinct?

Since we just moved in to a new place, we had to find a new babysitter for my little one. But it was the first time that I rejected one. Mother’s instinct siguro! I just don’t feel that Deye will be in good hands plus the fact that she was demanding for a higher rate + the transportation. So I told my husband if we are gonna pay her demand, better stick with the present one. At least she can handle Deye. And she helps me with the house chores.

Kaya ngayon, palagay na naman ang loob ko coz Deye is in good hands.

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Our (New) Humble Abode

Friday was a different weekend for us. We have just moved to another place. Tiring but it’s all worth it. Seeing my daughter happy with the new place, it’s all worth it. She has a bigger place to play and kids to play with.
The best part? We are not paying at all, it’s provided by our employer hihi! Here’s a preview:

The Living Room

Dining / Hallway

Bedroom with Attached Bathroom

Oops! I missed the kitchen, magulo pa kasi hehehe! Can’t finish all in 2 days, sa damit lang na tiniklop ko, sobrang sakit na ng likod ko.

The floor is shining eh? Let’s give the credit to my husband! Gosh, he’s so in love with the floor, maya’t maya ang pagmo-mop hahaha! Joke! Sana wag nyang mabasa ito!

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Who Do You Turn To?

When things go wrong, who do you turn to? Many people tend to just keep it to themselves. I don’t…

Either I tell my best friend / close friends, my husband and the last my parents. It’s not that I’m counting them out, but they are now old to absorb my “hang ups”. I just don’t want them to get worried. But I would say I am lucky to have them. I can easily open up to them.

My husband is my friend too! We drink together (those days were the best!). He’s the kind of guy that who would not say NO! Sometimes I feel he doesn’t care at all LOL! He is most of the time my absorber. Mwah!

The best of all is my bestfriend Chel, she is a good-patient listener. She makes me laugh even when I’m about to lose my temper. Oh! I miss her! Hope we could get together one day, again, like old times!

What ’bout you? When things go wrong, who do you turn to?

Image source here.

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“Coke” Monster/s

You’ve read it right! It’s Coke and not cookie heehee! I’d say me and my daughter are both “Coke” monsters!

I know! I know! She’s too young for this…. but… she loves it! How can I say NO when I, myself is an addict? 🙁 Oooops! Let me clear it Coke as in Coca-Cola softdrink, at di yung isang Coke hehehe! Baka ma-163 ako nito hehe! Mabuti na ang malinaw!

Pero masama nga ba kung bata pa?

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