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    7 Things Filipinos Will Love About Bangkok

    Bangkok is one of those places that’s so much like Manila and yet so different at the same time. It feels so much like home in some respects, but it also feels like a whole new world in many others. That’s just one of the appeals of Bangkok to Pinoys, one of the reasons why many keep on booking a Bangkok tour package every year or so.

    Are you still on the fence about booking that trip? Or are you looking for an “excuse” to have another vacation? Here’s a list of just a few things to love about Thailand’s bustling, exciting capital.


    The Food Thai cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. From traditional dishes like pad thai and mango sticky rice to exotic delicacies like deep-fried bugs, you definitely won’t go hungry when you visit the Thai capital. It’s a paradise for foodies and those who travel for the sake of trying unique and delicious food. In addition, like Manila, Bangkok is full of street food options. Food carts and stalls are on every corner, just waiting for you to try their yummy offerings. You can also find even more food options when you visit the malls. Here, the choices expand to neighboring Asian countries’ cuisines, like Japanese and Korean. You’ll also find a lot of Western dishes with a Thai twist. In short, if you love food, then you’ll love Bangkok!

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    Keeping The Kids Gainfully Occupied During The Holidays

    With the working parent’s busy schedule, coupled with a hectic school program for the kids, holidays provide a great opportunity for the family to bond. That can, however, turn into a nightmare if you have no activities planned for them. You are not also on holiday, remember?

    Even if you were, you would still need some alone time away from them. Keeping them occupied the entire holiday period can be a daunting task for any parent, especially if finances are involved. You also don’t want them spending the entire day locked up in their rooms on social media or computer games. With cooperation from your kids, you can ensure they have a fantastic holiday that doesn’t affect your productivity at work either does it alienate them from you.

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    How to build a budget for a London vacation

    Building a budget isn’t as difficult as some may believe. It’s sticking to the budget that many people have a problem with. However, limiting your spending can help you visit places such as London without putting you in debt or without you taking out a second mortgage. Your determination to visit this fine city will play a role in your success.

    Knowing What You’ll Need
    First, you’ll need to know what you’ll need before planning your trip to London. By checking out a guide to UK hotels and figuring out the prices of nearby attractions, you can determine how much you’ll need to save. This will help you set a goal of what you need to achieve.

    Living Within Your Means
    Before you can begin saving, you’ll need to see where you’re money is going. Keep all of your receipts from every dime you spend and write down all of the categories of things you buy over the course of a month. For example, groceries, utilities, rent or mortgage and phone services may be mandatory, but things such as the movies and visits to the local bar may be leisure expenses. It’s important that you put all of your spending in realistic categories as it will help you devise a working budget.

    Cutting Expenses
    Once you have your list of things you spend money on, eliminate those items that you don’t necessarily need. For example: Weekly trips to buy video games may be fun, but it’s not a necessity. This will give you a list of things you absolutely need within the household in order to continue living.

    Figuring Out a Savings Percentage
    Tally up all of the things you need throughout the month. Take the amount of money you make during the same period and divide it by how much you spend. This will give you a percentage of how much you need in order to live. The rest can be dedicated to a savings account. For instance: If you spend $330 and you make $550 in wages, you would divide $330 by $550 – this would result in 60 percent. This means you could save up to 40 percent without putting the home at risk. However, you don’t have to completely cut all of the fun out of your life. Saving half of what’s available may suffice. In this example, 20 percent would be more than plenty while giving you some money for frivolous fun while you save for London.