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    Why I Chose To Work From Home

    Having given the trust to manage and head the PH Team motivates me enough to do better and better. Being recognized and appreciated all the time is a great feeling. Whenever I look back to the times when I used to commute back and forth to get to the office on time, I just smile and tell myself “Good thing I readily ditched my office-based job when I felt the need to, otherwise, I would still be one of those who whines every day how traffic affects their daily commute experiences, especially during rainy season.”


    If you work with a flexible schedule, it’s vital to arrange your day painstakingly. Ask yourself how long do you plan to function that day?

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    Why I Always Go For A Long-term Home-based Online Job?

    Once you decided to work from home, you have a choice. You can make a choice, whether to go on 3 different terms: freelance, part-time, or full-time. 

    Freelance by definition is someone who works for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company. In the case of a home-based online job, it’s mostly a project-based job which could last up to 3 months or more, or could also be a repeat project. Of course, you are your own boss here. You can work flexibly at any time for as long as you complete the project at the given time.

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    How To Make A Remote Team Better?

    The number of people who work from home over the past years has drastically increased. Managing an FB Group for home-based aspirants and workers has proved me that many people are really up for it. Recruiters post job requirements daily while a good number of members show interests in trying and getting hired. So imagine the number of teams that are built daily to be able to meet today’s digital requirements, how do you think they do to make their team better?

    In our team, we work on trust. No time tracker. As long as you do your job and produce quality outputs, you are good.