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… and we’re off to India. Hubby will be there 2 days before us. Sad! We’re losing 2 days. Well, it’s better than nothing. At least we get to be together for a couple of weeks every 6 months. I’m sure he’s too excited to see our daughter. She has improved a lot. She no longer baby talks. She sings well. She’s no longer a baby!

Aside from the scheduled vacation, the main event is going to be his youngest sister’s wedding. And that is 2 days after the New Year. It’ll be the first time that I’m going to witness a different traditional wedding. I’d be wearing saree for the first time. Deye will be their flower girl. And it’s her first time too! Now, that reminds me of our dresses. I haven’t bought the materials yet. I’m thinking of getting it from Tutuban this Friday but I am not sure if I’d be able to do that. First things first. I need to get my visa done first or else…

Anyway, as I’ve said he’s going to be there 2 days before our arrival date. Too bad there are no more available seats on the day we are traveling. So he had no choice but to take the earlier flight. In a way it’s better, at least when we get there, he’s already there.

I’ll be gone for two months. Of course not! This blog won’t be on hiatus. I will continue blogging there by hook or by crook haha!

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  1. saying that she sings well is an understatement. Her dad will be blown away when he hears her sing. I was. And I was really impressed with her intelligence. She’s pretty sharp. Not to mention adorable. I hope I get to see her again when she’s a little older and more precocious.

    Of course she learns how to sing by mimicking other people at first, and the person she mimics the most is her mom. That says something about her mom too.

    you’d be hard-pressed to meet a more comely pair.

    best wishes.


  2. Hi sis, good luck sa trip. Matagal yan na bakasyon but i hope you see more of India this time and spend a longer time with Derrick, too.

    Ay yong tugon ko ha. hahahaha

    btw, na mention ko na kay N na you are going and he sends his hi. 🙂

    Merry Christmas to u and Deye!

    Arlene’s last blog post..Friday Fill-ins {dec 5}


  3. Hi Kuya A! We’re really glad to see you, finally. Your visit was much appreciated. Sorry, I wasn’t able to spend a longer time with you, I was really tired but I hope you had a good time and my daughter made you smile. She likes you, she was comfortable with you.

    Thanks for the nice comment. 🙂

    Wish to see you again the next time you come home.

    Take care and have a Merry Christmas!


  4. Hi Arlene! I really hope mapuntahan namin ang Taj Mahal kaso Derrick is only spending 2 weeks, as usual.

    Sure sis, just remind me ha? Haha! Baka malimutan ko eh. I’ll be carrying my Phil number naman, you can still send me an sms.

    Nasa Kuwait pa din ba si N? Sana ma-meet ko sya, buti pa sila ni D nagmeet na haha!


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