35w 3d

At exactly 11am, I was already inside Dra. Espinoza’s clinic. Stupid me, I completely forgot about my sugar tests and when I remembered, I couldn’t find the request letter anymore hihi! So I told my OB to give me another request and I promise to do it on Monday.

Anyway, my check-up went well, heard the heartbeat. And guess what my little one seems so ready to come out now. My EDD is on Valentine’s Day but the way she sees my tummy and the baby’s position and after hearing the discomforts I’ve been having, she instructed me to be ready anytime as it could be earlier than expected – like two weeks from now. I’ll be almost 38 weeks by then, so I guess it’s okay.

I’m going to see her again on Saturday for an IE. Ouchie! Then, we’ll come to know… Anyway, I’m ready. Our bags are packed. Money for the hospital bill is ready. I have kept the PhilHealth claim form ready and filled. So, I think there won’t be anymore problems. I just hope and wish that it won’t be on Deye’s bday. Oh please no!

Sidenotes :
Weight : 140lbs
Next check-up : January 16

Ciao! Off to check some details on prenatalvitamins.org for a cousin of mine. Yup, after me, there will be another new addition to our family, paternal side.

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