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All you see is the service on a Sunday. Do you have any idea what happens behind the scenes to get it all in place for the congregation every week? 

Years ago a church could function with a small group of people running everything. But times change and churches had to learn to stay relevant if they wanted to impact a modern society. Today you’ll find many employment positions at your local church.

Is this where your skills could be used in future? What better privilege than using your talents to impact your San Diego church community.

Do you love making music, but you don’t think you can make money out of your talent? Think again.

Churches have discovered the power of using music to impact the community. And no, it doesn’t have to be a Sunday-only job. What about:

  • Music productions as fundraisers
  • Local outreaches accompanied by a band
  • Music tutoring to underprivileged children

There’s no better way to communicate a message than through art and so people can learn about themselves, God and their relationship with Him.

So don’t put that talent aside. You may be just what your church leaders are looking for.

No one sees an accountant on a Sunday, but a church needs one just as much as any business.

You know a church takes responsibility to manage donations and tithes on behalf of the congregation. For this an accountant is essential:

  • The church leader or leaders can have someone to be accountable towards in handling funds.
  • Protect church leaders from being suspected of mismanagement by placing a professional in charge of finances.
  • Any charitable organization run by the church needs to adhere to certain laws and regulations. An accountant will keep paperwork and payments up to date.

How do you make an impact on today’s technologically driven society? People are so overwhelmed with impulses from social media, marketing, and TV. Will a church be noticed if its marketing is not on par with what is used in other industries?

A graphic designer is an ideal person to help churches gain footing in the city:

  • Create advertisements for church events to use during Sunday services. They can be printed or projected on screens. People love being part of the best thing in town and a designer can show—through visual stimulation—that such a gathering is the place to be.
  • Design name boards that will attract people. A church’s detail should be visible all over town. And people will join you if they see what you’re about and it resonates with their needs. Use photographs and colorful imagery to make people notice the church.
  • Make sure a church website is on par. Many people browse online for new congregations to visit. If your church doesn’t have a site, or it looks outdated, people will think it has closed down. A designer creating a riveting new look can be the thing that grabs people’s attention and draw them to a Sunday service.

Almost all positions you can think of in your company can be beneficial in a church environment.

Yes, even food features on this list.

Where do you think the food comes from that everyone enjoyed the service or the annual Christmas show? Why outsource this service to large companies if you can provide catering for your congregation?

Food forms part of many church events, and it can even help add a relaxed atmosphere to an event. After all, who doesn’t enjoy some scrumptious snacks?

Is this where your hobby of cooking can turn into an employment opportunity?

[Conclusion] I hope this made you think. You may have unique skills that can transform your local church into becoming more effective, relevant and dynamic. It’s about touching people’s lives with the Good News. Can you help your church leaders do it better?

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