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A house jar of good deeds

I’ve read somewhere before where a mom keeps a house jar. A jar that consists of consequences written on a small paper and serve as punishment whenever her kids do something unacceptable violating the house rules.

I thought I could turn it around and keep a house jar of good deeds instead.

I have been having a hard time feeding Deye, she’s a picky eater who only loves corned tuna, tocino, longganisa, fried fish and pancit canton that each time I cook something else, she refuses. I also have to bribe her to write and finish her home works without a fuss.

As of today, I am keeping a house jar that each time she does a good deed, a consequence is given like a treat to Fun House, a dinner outside of her choice, a bar of chocolate perhaps or anything she would love to have/do.

Instead of writing it on a piece of paper, I will simply put a P5 coin for ever deed done and ask her what consequence or treat she prefers. This way, both are getting benefits > a wish granted (hard earned) for my first grader and a small savings for myself.

What do you think?

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