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A pair of Gibi wedge

What women want? Shoes!! No doubt about it! I found myself again buying another pair two weeks ago. And this time a Gibi pair! Costly but it’s okay. After all I deserve it!

As usual, I want a simple but elegant style that would suit and go with anything I would wear.

Gibi wedge

These tucks added an appeal to its style and look. 

Gibi wedge

Gibi wedge

Gibi wedge

The latch-on lock makes it easier to wear.

Since Gibi is already known for its quality, I am thinking of sticking with it. Costly but the fact that it’ll serve you like forever is already enough to justify the cost. So yes, another Gibi pair maybe next month!

This is shoe-much already teehee! Moving on now to google something else hydraulic work support.

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  • Janine

    whoah!! I hope to have self treats to every month! yes, I agree with you that Gibi shoes will take long of its service. I used Gibi shoes when I was in college where I used it almost everyday..


  • Ruth

    You got a nice pair!

    We used to buy shoes from Gibi, unfortunately, the store no longer carries our sizes 😀

    Btw, we got the same style of logo/banner illustration 😀


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