If you own a retail store, keeping your stockroom well-organized is essential to a successful operation. You must be able to locate merchandise in the stockroom easily, so you can replace merchandise as it sells. To ensure sales and satisfied customers, your stockroom should include clean, easy-to-reach spaces for inventory, business supplies and other store necessities.

No matter what type of merchandise you sell, a clean, organized stockroom will help your business run more efficiently, which in turn can boost sales. Here are some stockroom items that you’ll need to stay organized.

Make the best use of your stockroom space with a good design layout. If you have high ceilings, take advantage of the extra height with tall shelving and a movable ladder system. Whatever type of inventory you store on your shelves, make sure it’s neat, well-organized and clearly labeled. Keep shelving and adjacent areas free of clutter at all times, so you can access things on your shelves quickly.

Bins and Labels
Bins and labels will keep your stockroom organized, and help you identify items quickly. With a retail store, returns can be a normal part of doing business. A bin, large or small, that’s clearly labeled “returns” will keep items that need to be re-stocked or put back in the store from piling up in a corner of your stockroom. Other bins labeled “damaged”, “seasonal”, “promotional”, and “supplies” can also come in handy.

Work Table
If you have the space, include a work table and several stools or chairs that can be used for organizing inventory, gift wrapping, or relaxing on a lunch break. A work table will prove useful for opening new delivery boxes, prepping products for the sales floor, folding and ticketing merchandise, and taking a break during the work day. Whatever you use your work table for, make sure you keep it clean and clutter-free, so it’s available when you need it.

Stockrooms are used to store merchandise and supplies. You’ll need equipment that will help you move boxes and merchandise easily, stack boxes on shelves, and reach things in high places. Sliding and fold-up ladders, fold-up step stools, and Hamilton platform trucks will make moving things around the store faster and easier, and prevent unnecessary injuries to staff from lifting heavy items. The right equipment will create a safe, efficient store, stockroom and workplace for employees.

Mitch Carvalho

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