Baby Alive

If only these dolls are sold here in the Philippines, I would have bought one for Deye (or are they sold in Manila that I just don’t know?). Maybe that way she won’t feel left out whenever I give attention to bunso. She could do the same thing as I do with her baby sister.

Speaking of dolls, I got her a new set of little dolls which she loved to bits. Oh did I mention it was me who loved ’em to bits? Whatever!  Anyway, that’s just one of the rewards that she got  from me for graduating from nursery level with good grades and rank. She may not made it to top 5 but I’m glad she wasn’t behind.

I’m planning to get her a Barbie living room set next month. Do these sets come with little chandeliers too? I wish they do to give it a more realistic look.

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  1. hi Mitch, sa MOA meron sale ang baby alive 🙂 they’re very cute. arnd 1500-2000 pesos depende sa klase. sa bday ng youngest ko maybe yun ang gift ko,, but.. i need to buy 2 for my eldest so she wont get jealous! 🙂


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