Behavior changes when mommy is around

I’m sure it’s not just my kids. According to some parents I know, their kids tend to show different personality when they are around, and to some they misbehave when their parents are away.

In my case, it’s the most common thing. My girls misbehave when I am around. My eldest does ignore whatever I say as if I don’t exist. Most of the time, I had to count till five till she finally gets up from where she sits and follow what I say. Worst, she’d roll her eyes and at times answer back. She is only 5 years old that’s why I am alarmed.

What I don’t understand is she shows the opposite behavior when she’s in school. In a way, it’s good. That means she behaves well when she’s out of the house. What I don’t understand is what triggers her from doing so when my attention is almost all on her. In fact, I give more attention to her than her baby sister ‘coz I have this feeling that if I don’t, she’d feel more jealous about it, regardless what it is. With my bunso, I still can’t say much about her behavior, aside from she always wanted to be carried when I am around. That I understand, she longs for me. That is normal as she still doesn’t have any other activity during the day. Worst scene I’ve seen is when she grabbed the DSi from her Ate that made Deye really screamed. Ending? I kept the DSi out of reach. Better be fair than sorry.

Argh! Enough of mommy struggles. Let me divert my mind into something else. How about considering of getting a Wholesale Insurance for the family? Sounds better.

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  1. My son is the exact same way. It He was an angel until he was 4 (even skipped the terrible twos but made up for it when he turned 4). He’s 11 now and it’s still that way. People at school and other places don’t believe me when I share the horror stories because he is so good with them.


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