Let’s admit it, one of the reasons why we blog is to get noticed – our blogsites of course… But in able to do that, we need to do a lot of work like ask people for link exchange or host contest to get subscribers. Well, I don’t. I only had to sign up with Link Referral and that’s it, somehow I gained readers, with comments/reviews left for me… Here they are:

Jojo says:

Clean. Great Layout. Good content.

Ivar says:

A very decent and professional looking site!

Britt says:

Good site. I like your banner very much. Good content and stories.

Anna says:

Such a fun read, interesting and quite random. I like your header and title, very original. Hope to read more soon….

Charlene says:

I’m totally digging the custom graphics and was wondering if you do the designs yourself. People underestimate the value of eye-catching art on a website, but you are not one of those people. Kudos to you!

K says:

I like the layout and colors. It’s interesting to read.

Ian says:

Nice blog with clean, bright presentation and good and varied content..

Amanda says:

What a lovely page, when silence does speak it can be the loud noise if you do not learn to channel it ;-).

Aseem says:

With passing days…i see bloggers getting too commercial. Your blog made me notice it too. I went through your blog and wish that you too continue writing your heart out.. don’t make your blog an advertising portal..keep it simple and sweet..

Dietcoke says:

Interesting site. Lots to see, was a little distracting but a ton of great content…

Jennifer says:

Very interesting site. I have to say that I love the title of your blog. Silence speaks volumes. Kudos..

ou812 says:

Some pretty good graphics on this blog. On the right side of the blog was an easy to follow directory. There were some ads on the blog, but they did not clutter the site. I did take at the “earn money online” section. I will be coming back…

Petula says:

The design of your site is great. My suggestion would be to do some embedded links in your posts that go to older posts so someone coming to your site for the first time can get a little update about what you’re talking about. It would help in getting people to come back..

Michelle says:

Nice layout! Well done.

Jane says:

I enjoyed reading your blog. navigation is easy, interesting subjects. good luck.

Anna says:

Nice blog, I like the layout!.

Mike says:

Good site, will be back…..

Peter says:

Yup i agree, words are more powerful when you don’t speak, and you can express your feeling through writing and sharing your thought in your blog, do continue to write more, it’s interesting to see the post on your blogs..

Mayur says:

Nice site, i liked the design and layout. Nice to get ideas from..

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