Brownies Unlimited

Next to ice cream, brownies is my 2nd top comfort food or should I say a “guilt pleasure” that I reward myself once in a while. I just noticed that as I age, I no longer indulge to “too sweet” cakes and the like. Brownies Unlimited saved me from these sentiments.

Brownies Unlimited

A slice of it is as big as what Goldilock’s has. Not too sweet just enough to satisfy my cravings. A box of 12 slices for only Php125 with different toppings.

A box of 12

The girls loved it too! In fact, I bought another box the next day.

Brownies Unlimited

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  1. Oh I love brownies. I used to make brownies when sugar is not yet a health issue here at home. Now I seldom bake cake or anything sweet. Bummer! 🙁 But these looks delicious and for 125, it’s definitely worth it.


  2. been craving for this the other day pa…so when I went to buy groceries yesterday, I didn’t went home without bringing a box of brownies unlimited. Yummy!


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