I’m sure by now, everyone knows who “The Elevator Girl” is.

A native of Siniloan, Laguna, Cheridel came to Olongapo City during a time when her husband was working here. The couple left Olongapo after her father-in-law got sick. Cheridel gave birth to their child when they were still in Laguna. – Jonas Reyes

Before she became famous via YouTube, I had bumped into her many times already each time I would take the elevator at SM Olongapo. I really find her bubbly and friendly. I remember asking her before if “Do you really have to be in that uniform? It’s so hot in here.” And she gladly smiled, “Opo, ma’am kelangan po eh para beauty.

I was not surprised when she was noticed because of her friendly and positive outlook. The bubbly attitude that she gives to the people. She truly deserves it.

Last Sunday, on our family bonding with my brother who just arrived from the Middle East, we went to SM to shop for the girls’ shoes. We parked at the 6th level, and on our way down, we bumped into her and she told us with a smile “Break lang po, I’ll be back” with the usual tone that people loved about her.

We thought we would miss the chance to have a photo taken with her. While we were waiting by the escalator, I saw her going in the Department Store. She was still on break with her badge “breaktime” hanging on her neck. I went in and approached her if my girls could have a picture taken with her. She gladly gave in. Too bad my youngest who was not feeling well that time didn’t want to have a photo opp taken with her. My eldest and brother did.

The Elevator Girl
Derelle, with Cheridel, The Elevator Girl
The Elevator Girl
Mark, my brother, with The Elevator Girl, Cheridel

On our way out to the parking space, she was already on duty and I took a picture of my mom and cousin with her as well.

The Elevator Girl
My mom and cousin with Cheridel

Next time, I’ll make sure that I’d have a good shot with her. My mom took for me but it came out blurred ‘coz we were already moving up. So I deleted it haha!

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