Chic in Black: My Little Gorgeous Witch

I really exerted an effort to make her look like a witch. Despite the fact that I do not know much about make up application, I did it so well and I ma so proud of it and my little gorgeous witch, of course!

Click here to view more of her witch photos last year.

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mytotsexactly CIB Monday

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  1. I know she’s supposed to be a witch, I see it somehow, but I can’t call her a witch. She’s too cute to be one!

    Thanks so much for joining Chic in Black Monday! Till next week!

    Hope you and your family have a great week ahead!


  2. Deye is a witch??? Noooo!! But what a pretty little black witch she makes! 😀 The make up is awesome, Mitch… but I think you failed on that one… she looks too adorable than scary.

    Late CIB visit… and it’s another Monday! Eeek! 😀


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