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Cry baby

derelleDuring my childhood days, I seldom go out. Whenever my mom allows me to play outside the house, I really really grab the chance. I run, jump, hop and any other activity a small child would love to do. But since I’m not used to playing outside, I always end up going home with scratches on my legs. Seeing my mom’s facial expression makes me more worried, thinking she’d always scold me for what happened.

That same scenario happened this afternoon. While I was trying to finish and meet some online tasks, I heard Deye cried from downstairs. I allowed her to go down and played with her cousins since my Auntie was there to watch over them. few minutes later, as I have said, she started crying, as in she cried a river. She fell off the ground, had some scratches on her knee and screaming “Ang sakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Di ko kayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” I laughed about it. I wasn’t worried coz I saw how small the scratches were. But still, deep inside me, I would always wish for a protective clothing for my kids if only I knew it would happen.

If there’s only one thing I could comment, well, she really is my daughter hahaha!

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