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Day 1 in Hanoi

Safely arrived in Hanoi last night at 7pm and was able to get to the Hanoi with a little problem explaining the taxi driver what I wanted to tell him. The hotel distance from the airport is about 30 minutes drive, and I was kinda nervous already when it was already almost 20 minutes passed but I haven’t reached my destination. I asked him how far the hotel is but he can’t seem to get my message. We went on and finally saw Hanoi Hotel. So I felt relieved but then again had a hard time asking him how much when he was giving me the official receipt.

Anyway, that was just my first encounter with a Vietnamese teehee!

This morning, wake up call at 5:00 a.m. to get ready for the setting up of our booth in NCC.  To our dismay, when we got to our booth, it wasn’t built yet so we had to wait for about 2 hours to finally get it done and had to locate our stuff too!

To cut the story short, we were only able to set our booth up just before 12nn, VN time.

See photos here.

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