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Farewell Virgil

I received a text message the other night from a friend saying that our batchmate Virgil has passed away. When she mentioned his name, I couldn’t recall, really… He was never my classmate that’s why. He was also our HS teacher’s son. So last night we went to see his wake. By this time, he’s now in his resting place. Yeah, it was his last night to be with his family last night.

As soon as I saw his photo displayed on the coffin, it all came back to my mind. Yeah, of course I know his face. But not personally. We didn’t know the cause of his sudden death until we have spoken to some of our batchmates who were there. It was a motorcycle accident. He’s got stitches down his eyebrows. I could feel the pain that he had to go through just by looking at him. But what melted my heart more was when I saw his young daughter (almost my daughter’s age) seated just beside his coffin.

This is not the first accident that happened in our place this month. There were two prior to my batchmate’s accident. I’m sure after vehicle owners have heard these incidents, they’d for sure apply for their car insurance. You see, accidents do happen when you least expect it. Even if you’ve got insurances to back you up, these documents are not enough to save your life. They may cover your expenses, yes but your life could be taken back from you and when that happens all your good plans for you and your family would be ruined….

I just hope that Virgil will soon find peace in his heart and mind… Farewell batchmate!

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