I worried a little when I found out I’m expecting with my 3rd baby towards the end of last year for I know that it’s going to be a bit of adjustment with my girls, especially my youngest who had been our “bunso” for the last 10 years.

I’d often hear them say that they no longer want another one as they have baby cousins whom they are really fond of like their own brother and sister. Surprisingly, they got too excited upon learning that they are soon going to be big sisters and wanted to become a part of this journey every single time, which was, of course, a part of the plan, too.

I know it’s a good move to let them take part in this journey and share the experience with them. Here are the things that we do/did together:

I took them with me to my very first prenatal check-up. Here’s a clip:

They also heard the baby’s first heartbeat, and were so amazed how in the world it is possible to hear it from my tummy hahaha!

We continued doing this until February, but unfortunately, due to the lockdown, monthly check-ups were discontinued. It’s okay though, there are still other activities to get them involved with.

Now that the baby kicks and moves at any time of the day, they are able to feel it, too. Their reactions are just so precious!

The situation we are in today is far different from the way we have planned it, that they can stay in the hospital with me all throughout, so I had to explain to them of the changes, that they won’t be able to go with me at the time of the delivery ‘coz it won’t be safe at all. Instead, we will keep calling each other whenever.

Because of the age gap, I have given away all of the baby essentials that I have held on to for many years, so I had to buy new things for the baby obviously. Kids will be kids, I know. They may not say it, but I know that they also wish to have new things at the same time. Just the other day, I ordered a couple of stuff that I knew would put a smile on their faces. Can’t wait!

The girls originally planned of having a gender reveal and in fact prepared some of the things that we would need, but then again, this pandemic did not allow us to do so. I was supposed to have an ultrasound on the same day that the lockdown was declared by the President. Therefore, it remains to be a surprise up to this moment hahaha! How exciting!

The girls also love to dress me up, showing my bump, do my make-up, and a DIY photoshoot at home. Here are a few:

As early as now, I am sure our little one will have tons of photos taken very very soon! It’s always a good thing to involve your family in this journey. You do not have to carry it yourself alone. Sharing the experience is something that the whole family will always remember no matter what.

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