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Great “ukay” finds

With the continuous price hike these days, I sometimes think is it really worth to purchase branded and expensive items even if you don’t really need them? Say a custom made corporate coat with a complete set of top and pants that cost around Php6k to Php8k. It sure has a good quality but since our office does not require a corporate dress code, I feel like it’s not worth to buy it if I don’t get to use it too often. However, my job includes traveling once in a while and I meet prestigious businessmen in between, so I guess it is still a requirement to have these items ready and available in my closet anytime. I’m so lucky to find another great ukay stuff! A coat, almost brand new, my size as if  it was custom made for me and the best part I got it for only Php150. Just in time for my Bangkok trip next week! Not only that I also found two mini skirts which I can wear on Saturdays, as we usually come to the office in casual attire during these days.

These skirts worth Php200. Yep, I got them @Php100 each. Not bad eh?

Are you also an ukay lover? I am, so wait for more photos, I still got a few of them in my hard drive and closet too! In fact, I even bought a toilet bowl cover months ago, and if I have a hot tub available in the house, I would for sure buy

hot tub covers from ukay ukay too! LOL!

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