Hand me down

The good thing about having kids with the same gender is that you get to save on some clothes, toys and other belongings that are still in good condition. I, myself is one of the many mothers who religiously took care of their first child’s stuff so when the right time comes for the next one to use it, it can still be labeled as “good as new”. Here’s one of the many hand me down or preloved dresses from Ate Deye that my bunso, Ishi is now using.

Hand me down
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Deye’s photo was actually taken in a photo studio when she was 29 months while Ishi’s was just taken in the corner of our house this morning, she’s only 21 months. I asked her to sit down and smile and she gladly obeyed. Edited both the backgrounds and turned them into a digital scrap layout.

Yup, you figured it out well. Bunso’s built is far bigger than her Ate and she’s got more of Pinay’s features. Anyway, if you are a Blogger who has followed my posts and seen my uploaded photos on FB, you may have noticed the rest of the hand me down stuff that my bunso is now enjoying.


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  1. My sister enjoyed hand me downs too when we were kids.. 😛 Now I enjoy hand me down jeans from her, she gives me jeans that won’t fit her anymore. baliktad na ngayon! hahaha 😀

    I have a boy and a girl so whatever clothes my kids have grown out of I give to charity or other family members, it’s not very cost effective.. 😛


  2. yeah… that’s the advantage of having same gender kids, specially for boys since boys’ apparel are more expensive than girls’ which until now I still wonder why 🙂


  3. That picture is too cute! I didn’t have an older sister to get hand me downs from, but somehow I always had them anyway! I think my mom got them from friends…hopefully when they’re older and around the same size they can share clothes. I always envied my friends with sisters who could do that.



  4. That’s very nice. Ako naman, unplanned yung panganay ko so sabi ko sa sarili ko, wala nang kasunod. I gave all the clothes and baby items na pinagliitan nya sa iba. But then, here I am, due to give birth this December, Namili ulit ako ng mga bagong damit and baby items. Hassle and nakakabutas ng bulsa mag start from scratch.

    Anyway, lesson learned. 🙂


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