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I wonder if PAGIBIG Fund also got what American Home Shield offers. I asked because getting an assistance to having a home of our own has been a long overdue task of mine. These days, getting a unit from a town house or condominiums is easy but how to do it is the question especially when you have limited funds to spend to.

Since last year, my husband and I have been discussing that we should secure a shelter of our own. Not the rented one. Our own. I admit, I have a little know how when it comes to loan assistance or warranty plans that even if you explain it to me, I will not be able to absorb every single word that you said overnight.

Two of my work colleagues have already done it but I always forget to ask them what the exact requirements are. But they have mentioned that some forms need to be filled up, then the contributions that I have made to PAGIBIG needs to be computed. However, I still don’t understand how the payment would go and how much PAGIBIG will loan to us. And if there are other plans covered in that certain program.

Home warranty plans and the like are important to me. I run the household. That way I won’t have to worry if something breaks down in the house because there will always be a service contract to depend on that when something breaks, replacement or repair is covered. Unexpected expenses like these can always strain one’s budget. With growing kids in the family, repairs are not a priority.

I’m sure everyone would agree that maintaining a house is a big job whether it is owned or rented. Not only that, Philippines is a country that experiences two seasons, summer and rainy. During summer, there’s only a small chance that you’d face a problem like when your air-conditioner breaks down or something cracks due to strong heat. But when rainy season comes, that’s when I get more worried.

I have been renting an apartment for over a year now. It’s twice already when I experienced a leak inside the house. Worst, the leak is in the bedroom where my kids usually spend their time. Having said this, I couldn’t help but to compare the days when I was renting an apartment abroad where the Landlord takes care of everything. Even the smallest service are taken care of like replacement of busted bulbs or a request of an additional socket. Unlike here, the number of times that we have changed a busted bulb was also the same number of times when I bought one. The same way when I had to change faucets because it just won’t stop dripping water.

This is also the reason that holds me from installing a screen door for my kids’ safety and prevention of mosquito bites. I wish house owners here also cater a service like how does.

I am not complaining though. I am thankful enough that I am capable of renting a house which is a clear additional expense. I just hope that soon, there’d be services like this in the Philippines. Or maybe I am just not aware that there is already?

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  • Josie

    it’s better if you buy your own house kahit installment, so when the time comes that you have to retire, there are no worries of how to pay the rent.. and yan din ang difference ng renting dito sa atin compared to another country. they provide everything for the maintenance.. dito bhala ka..


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