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How our Valentine celebration went

Valentine over SkypeAside from having a superfun Valentine’s Day at work, our family celebration went over Skype chatting with our Dada. I began the day, Feb 14, chatting with him at around 5pm as scheduled since he went back to Bahrain. I greeted him Happy Valentine’s Day first and he answered with “What can I get your for today?” I responded quickly “Flowers!” which I know is impossible because of the distance and knowing him he won’t take the risk of buying online using his credit card. It actually served as a joke and I told him that he’d better make up next year when he comes home.

As soon as I reached home that day, my eldest, Deye handed me over a pink and red butterfly card with a lollipop in the middle that served as the skeleton of the butterfly, whatever you call it.

Butterfly card

I was just too slow to take a picture of it. When I was ready to take a shot, the lollipop was already missing! Bunso ate it already!! Was I too slow or bunso was just too quick?!!???

Anyway, how did you Valentine’s Day go?

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