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How to keep my girls busier

When I’m around, they just get wild. I know they are trying to get my attention but there are times when I also needed to focus with my blogging or else I’d be missing a lot of online tasks.

When that happens, I have to think of a way to make them sit still and keep busier. This morning, I made them write or draw on the walls! Two pieces of Manila paper made it possible! See, you don’t even need 1890 silver dollar for that!

Kids in doodle

Look how busy they were! I was able to finish what I had to do since our new househelp went on her first day-off. Both were up to something!

Deye Ishi


Wise enough? I thought so! But that didn’t last longer haha! They wanted to do something else! So I had no choice but to turn the TV on, it’s a long weekend anyway! That solved my problem! Haha!

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  • Mai

    now, that’s something my kids would love to do. My kids are always busy drawing stuff on paper when they’re not watching TV. But I think they’ll love that paper on the wall even more, haha. Gotta buy those Manila papers soon!


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