I actually forgot about this contest until…… Nelle of Stranded Life messaged and asked me to claim my prize. Guess what the prize was?

[1 year Hosting + Domain + 510 EC credits]

I’m one of the three lucky major winners. Two other were:

Draw no. 1 winner: Pinaymommy
[1 year Hosting + Domain + 1120 EC credits]

Draw no. 2 winner: Sherry
[1 year Hosting + Domain + 800 EC credits]

Nelle said:

I have 3 winners of 1 year Hosting + Domain and EC credits [no. of accumulated credits + 500 EC credits]. I did 3 separate draws to have a winner. There’s no 2nd or 3rd place. The non winners will receive EC credits [no. of accumulated credits + 300 EC credits]

Consolation prize winners:

Lalaine – 410 EC credits
Purpled Sky – 410 EC credits
Edna – 360 EC credits
Lara – 310 EC credits
Elvz – 360 EC credits
Aeirin – 420 EC credits
BM – 410 EC credits

If you see your names on the list, please contact her now. Winners are given 5 days to claim their prizes otherwise a chance will be given to another person participated in the said contest.

Thanks Nelle! I’ve thought of the domain name already, will email you later. I hope it’s still available.

Mitch Carvalho

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