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Ikea’s Knife Sharpening Tool

I love how Ikea has invented a knife sharpening tool that definitely helps moms like me who are always in a rush. A much safer and easier tool to use when sharpening knives rather than the sharpening stone that we have been using for ages now.

Sharpening tool

All you have to do is insert the knife’s blade into the sharpening space. Oh! I love this pink knife heehee! I plan to get more in different colors.

Knife sharpening tool

An easy grip is also given for a much safer use when holding the tool while sharpening.

Ikea sharpening tool

Ikea sharpening tool

Here’s a closer look. I find it easier to use when placed still on the counter. It doesn’t move and helps me put more energy when sharpening it.

Ikea sharpening tool

Just another Ikea product that is definitely worth buying for and a perfect match to keep in kitchen design winnipeg! Btw, it was my husband who sent this to me through my brother with sets of Ikea utensils. The domesticated trait in him strikes naturally when sending packages and that’s one of the many things that we differ haha! When we go to malls without the kids, I go straight to clothes and beauty item sections while he goes to the home and appliances section teehee!

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