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In Need Of A New Pair

I’ve been feeling dizzy these past days. Not sure if it’s because of lack of sleep or do I badly need of a new pair of eyeglasses? As I’ve mentioned in my other blog, I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since I was 16, right before I entered college. And I still am.

I tried and worn contacts for sometime but I still find comfort when I wear eyeglasses. It’s easy to manage. There’s no need to buy a solution or have it boiled once in a while. A cloth will do and tada, seems like you are wearing a new one heehee! But…

Yup, there’s a but…. I’m looking forward to buying a new pair soon. I’m sure the dizziness that I’ve been feeling has something to do with my eyes. I heard that Zenny Optical has got something new in stock, I’d head over there after this post is submitted. Let’s see….Here’s just one of my pick:

Right now, I really and badly need to make ends meet. There have been unexpected extra expenses for the month and I can’t afford an expensive pair this time. I just hope I’d find a good one that would suit my face. I’m very particular in choosing the right frame for me. Plus the comfort that it would give me coz I know I would be wearing it almost 24/7.

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