Infant/Baby Massage

Baby massage is not only a healthy form of child care. It also gives emotional benefits to the babies. Sabi nga sa atin “haplos ng pagmamahal” matters a lot.

Infant massage is beneficial to the baby for relaxation and for stimulation, for pain and colic relief, and for increasing the interaction (bonding) between the baby and parents. Being massaged also helps instill an awareness of healthy, loving touch that continues through their lives.

erchee massageWhen I gave birth to Deye, I didn’t know about it. It was my mother-in-law who introduced it to me. She did the massage daily and I could say physically it really made a difference, it made her muscles firm. Deye started with her first steps just before she turned one and could walk on her own at 14 months.

Now, it’s my turn to do it to Erchee. My mom does it at times though when I’m busy with Deye. We do it before giving her a warm quick bath in the mornings. How ’bout you? Do you/Have you also do/done this to your babies?

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