KakaSUya! We had Hitamon Zambaleno‘s first get together for this year in KTV Su, Subic last week, it is situated at the Subic International Hotel Area. Everyone agreed for a videoke night and since no one else knows any other place, we all went to KTV Su. n fairness the place is okay, I meant the function room. But when we started giving our orders, that’s when the disaster also started. We first order bottles of beer that took at least more than 15 minutes to be served. There were only 12 of us. The order wasn’t complicated coz we ordered 2 kinds of beer only. Then there comes the appetizer. We first ordered 2 Crispy Pata and 2 Sizzling Sisig. They first served a plate of Crispy Pata, then another plate of the same dish after like 15 mins. Since we were busy reserving songs in the karaoke, we didn’t notice that an hour almost passed already. And the plates of sisig were not served yet. After a couple of order follow-ups, the waiter finally came with our orders. Then, we ordered pancit canton and chili chicken. They said they have no ingredients available for the pansit, instead they have suggested if we’d like to have “pancit canton”. Literally, the well known Lucky Me pancit canton.

Whether it was a joke or not, or part of the waiter’s sense of humor, why would they say it again for the second time. It wasn’t a joke then, I assume. Anyway, since one of our brods was craving for pansit, the waiter suggested that they could order or get from outside for us, but we didn’t know that they’d charge us a Php500 corkage fee for that. To end the discussion, we didn’t argue more.

And here’s the most irritating part….. Our bill was Php9,500.00. Before we entered the room, we asked if they accept international credit card and they said yes. When we asked for the bill, the waiter came back to us saying that the machine wasn’t working. We knew and felt it that maybe they wanted cash instead. But instead of telling us the truth, they insisted that the machine wasn’t working and that the card was declined. Impossible coz the card holder just used it before that. We had a doubt, so one of my sisters and I went to the cashier and checked what the problem was. Guess what the machine was off. Then the cashier reasoned out that sometimes that happens when it rains. The machine somehow misbehaves. I asked her with a stern voice “bakit umuulan ba?” “Maam hindi po”, she said. Then? “Eh kasi po di sya gumagana talaga minsan”, she added. Then why there were no corrective measures if it was always happening?

We figured it out. The machine was off. So we asked her to check the plug, and there you go! Just within seconds, the machine turned on.

“Sige, pakitry po i-swipe”, we asked her. It worked! As easy as that! That only means that the machine works as well as the card. Tsk tsk tsk!

Anyway, enough of whining. I still have an assignment about

Wilmington NC real estate to complete.

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