Learning the hard way

My girls are one of those typical kids. Yung parang di kami nauubusan ng pera ng Dada nila haha! Been telling them that sometimes their “pleases” won’t work. I have also been telling them the difference between needs and wants but as what my husband would always say “that’s why they are kids” so just give them.

I disagree. I believe that as early as now, they should be well taught of how money should be spent especially if you worked for it.

Since I am into making loombands, and they have been involved in making from day 2, I thought of a good idea! I pay them Php20 per day provided they have finished something. Then they can do whatever they want with that money they earned.


Yesterday, they happily bought sets of clay with rolling pins from their earnings.


And they were so proud of it. I hope whatever message I was trying to give them will always be instilled in their minds. As of yesterday, they have become more eager to finishing more bracelets because they wanted more money so that they could buy more stuff. Not so good outcome but at least something will always be learned from that act.

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  1. nice! nagiging creative na sila kagaya mo 🙂 naku! pag nakabili na ako ng set, malamang ma-addict din. sana matuto ako ng maraming designs 🙂


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