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Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

My husband would always tell me “Ganda pics but taba” or “Taba ka, Mahal”. Even my high school classmates say that I look bigger than before. Those were the days when my waistline would play around 23-24 and my weight did not even reach 45kgs.

Leisure 18

This somehow inspired me to do something about my weight gain. I tried the “No rice and soda policy” but failed. I tried a lot of things already but discipline always comes next. I admit, I have no exercise and won’t ever have. I’m lazy, I know. Until my officemate introduced Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee. I braved the consequences. In the first few days, I felt nothing. On my 6th sachet, I already felt I’m losing my appetite and would always want to drink water.

Before I took this coffee, I weighed61kgs. Almost 2 weeks after, I weighed myself again and I now weigh 57.5kgs. Not bad for 14 sachets of Leisure 18. The best part, I am not forced to skip meals. I eat 3x a day or even more but to a very minimal amount which I couldn’t do before.

My officemate was right, it will help me drink more water which is very unusual and hard for me and lose my appetite. Wanna hear another good news? This morning I bought a new pair of jeans, from size 30 I went down to 28.


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