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Lugaw – Her Favorite

Lugaw (rice porridge) – her all time favorite. She’s very much Pinoy huh?

It was actually my mom’s influence. She would make lugaw for Deye when she was still here. Deye likes it very much! Before she left for Philippines (again) she told me that I should do the same thing.

Last night instead of cooking plain lugaw, I added some chicken wings sauteed in ginger, garlic and onions. I added half Maggi cube. I made it good for two, so that I can share with her hehehe! Well, it turned out good.

Ooh la la! She loved it more! I served it hot. She would cry if I stop for a while. I had to, otherwise she’ll burn her tongue! She wouldn’t stop asking for more. I didn’t want to overfeed her so I said “you can eat more later, is that okay?” She agreed. But then I said “it’s Mama’s turn. Mama will eat now”. She refused and tried to push the bowl away, and said mop!

Naughty one! Gutumin ba ako hahaha!

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  • feng

    naku Mitch, ang anak ko, would you believe, produkto yun ng lugaw, kaya ganun na lang ka healthy ang batang yon. 🙂

    i also cook the way you do it, i put chicken meat, sometimes a hard boiled egg, sometimes with calamansi pa to enhance the taste. actually, that’s the advantage of lugaw, very versatile, you can mix it anything kaya di nakakasawa. 🙂

    at yay, very encouraging ang appetite ni Deye, ayaw mamigay kay Mommy. 🙂


  • mitchteryosa

    Pareho sila ni Deye. Ang lakas kumain nyan. Pero ayaw nya kainin ang chicken, nilalagay ko lang para at least yung katas eh makuha nya. Sa itlog naman di nya masyado type kaya yung rice lang talaga, solved na siya.

    Nagulat nga ako kasi normally nagbibigay yan kapag halimbawa cookies, kukurot sya ng katiting tas susubuan nya ako, pero kagabi nagdamot hahaha!


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