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Luggage tag

I had traveled back and forth abroad, even locally but never had a luggage tag ever! Just last week, Pinay Mommies Community had its 2nd Grand EB in Manila and it has become a tradition which everyone agrees to bring something for the mommies attending the EB. Being one of the pioneer members of this group, I, of course confirmed my attendance but due to work obligations, I did not make it to think I was just in Quezon City the whole time they were exchanging laughters and talks. But since I already had my slot, my fellow mommies were too considerate to have still given me the tokens meant for me and some of the sponsored loot bags. One of those was the pink luggage tag that reads “Sorry it’s mine!

Luggage tag

It literally made me smile! Now I have a luggage tag to use in every travel I make. In fact, it’s going to Cebu today! Yey! Here are the rest of the tokens I got from them. Name it, and you’ll find almost everything a mommy needs. I’m sure next EB someone will include gardening gifts.

I love ’em all! Thanks mommies!

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