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Merry Pasko!

I was able to chat with my brother the other night, but it was quite a short chat as he still needs to go to PX to find an electric blanket for him. He says it’s freezing where he is right now.

Anyway, speaking of my brother, he already got his first salary and saved me from spending for Christmas Eve. Woot woot! Yup, he sent  money for our Noche Buena and some extra extra including mine and Deye’s gift, in cold cash (more than a hundred bucks). I am still thinking what to buy for the little one while I’ve already spent mine. I got myself a new pair of eyeglasses, a nerdy look in violet-black frame.

Here’s another Merry Pasko news, hubby was able to send my iPhone charger and I am meeting the guy who brought it in a while. Meaning, I could happily use my iPhone few hours from now. Another woot woot!

Have a Merry Pasko everyone!

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