I missed a lot of things this past week. I missed the PBB Teen Edition Plus Big Night. I missed some episodes of the newest TV series My Girl. I missed the premiere of PBB Dream Academy Season 2. I feel that I also missed a lot of PPP opps for the last few days. I even missed chatting with my hubby every night. But right now, you know who and what I am starting to miss? My aunt + the nights we stayed over at her place. The relatives I haven’t seen for ages were there. I also realized that I am no longer the old Mitch that I used to be, the quiet type. There were moments when everyone was serious and when I said something everyone laughed. Heehee! I also missed forgot to take group photos, darn! We were busy catching up, that’s why! It’s good to see them again but it’s sad that this reunion happened because someone bid goodbye – forever… *sigh*

Well, gotta check some more messages and do some research about laughlin hotels. I need to cope up with the tags I received and weekly memes for the last week. Please bear with me….

Mitch Carvalho

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