Remembering Mt. Pinatubo eruption

The other day, Gayle, an officemate cum friend & I were talking about our experiences during the Mt. Pinatubo eruption back in 1991. It was really a tragic experience. If we only had the chance to leave Olongapo and found movers like the efficient Movers in New York, we would have gone somewhere else with all our stuff in the house. I remember convincing my mom to leave the house with of course the things in there, but she refused to. I can’t blame her, those things in there were all from my parents’ hardwork. The house and everything were all hard earned.

We didn’t have a choice but to stay put, pray and hope that it will end soon. Imagine a life without electricity, water and enough food to take for more than 3 months? It was like hell. In each family, you were only allowed to get a loaf of bread, and there was one incident where we got relief goods but I guess those were the expired ones. When I opened the tin of sardines, worms were literally swimming on the bowl.

I really hope that Philippines will have movers who do not charge much, so when things like these happen (God forbid), we can peacefully move to another place.

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