My first long drive

I can no longer count the number of attempts I’ve had in the past 8 years until my dad left us. Believe me, I was only aiming to at least reach the hospital (which is a 30-minute drive from our house) for possible emergencies especially that my mom stays with me now, plus the fact that I have two kids who require frequent trips to school events, either to Dinalupihan or SBMA where the other two branches are situated. It was my dad who used to drive and do errands for us but now everything is on my shoulder. My brother left for work a month ago and I have no one else to tag along with me for the same purpose. 

Right after the New Year, I religiously practiced driving. It took me 4 days of driving lessons, for 1 hour daily, before I finally braved the road without my personal instructors, our neighbor and my other 2 cousins, who took turns in guiding me. On January 9, I tried driving from Subic to Olongapo, that usually takes an hour drive, passed the zigzag roads with no hassle. Since that day, I’ve finally conquered my fear.
My only problem now is how to park properly especially when doing a reverse hahaha! I can, but it usually depends on the wideness of the vacant space around me hahaha! I think that’s normal, right?

Anyway, just last Sunday, 29th January, we had attended a Cactus & Succulent Seminar in Orani, Bataan. With me were my mom and aunt. Ahead of us, in another car, were my two other fellow hobbyists. Dessa was kind of guiding us how to get to the SCTEX just to make sure that I won’t be violating traffic rules. SBMA has always been strict when it comes to traffic rules. And yes, I did it!! My very first long drive via SCTEX finally happened! It was a total of 4-hour drive, back and forth from Subic-Orani-Subic. We had to leave the venue right after the seminar as I still have not gained the confidence to drive when it gets dark.

Why am I blogging about this? Well, um, it’s an achievement for me. Hahaha! I think I deserve another pat on my back. Good job, Mitch!!

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