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My Mumurs Collection

Are you the kind of person who would only go for signature items? Well, I’m not. Although I sometimes possess an impulsive-buying-attitude. But still it doesn’t mean that I’m into signature and expensive items.

How do I convince you that I’m not? Okay, I’ll show you some of my Mumurs Collection. Mumurs as in mumurahin hahaha! In English cheap! But first let me give you the current rate BD=Php:

BD1.000 = Php123.00

Designer-look-a-like Bag for only BD4.000

Open-toe Shoe for only BD5.000

And the most latest one… Please allow me to call it oversized sunglasses hehehe! I bought this just 3 days ago…

Oversized Sunglasses for only BD1.000

One of the reasons why I buy cheap ones is at least when they break or go missing, you won’t feel the pain. You won’t feel that it just went wasted. Like this one, it’s a branded pair of sunglasses, a gift from my brother’s girlfriend. Deye broke it two weeks ago. Though I have no idea how much my brother’s girlfriend bought it for, I’m sure she’d feel bad in the sense “it was expensive” especially when you worked hard for that money you’ve spent. If you look at them, you can’t tell the difference, right?

So the next time you shop, be patient and for sure you’ll find anything and everything at very affordable prices! *wink*

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  • sunshineforlife

    ay magclassmate tayo dyan sa mumurahin na mga ganyan. i remember mymom gave me long ago thousand to buy a bandolino shoes for school –but i never bhought one..i bought sth cheap coz it made me have 3 pairs compared to 1 pair having a signature one. hahaha!

    ingat sa byahe!

    Well, ngayong ako na nagtatrabaho ganyan na din ang gawa ko pero dati wa ako care hahaha!



  • ajay

    Haha. I go for mumurs too. It’s nice to keep a wholesome balance between ‘expensive’ and ‘reasonable.’ It’s good that things are cheap in Asia and lots of good rip-offs:)

    It’s so nice to know na madami palang tulad kong mahilig sa Mumurs. Actually tama ka, we’re just being reasonable hahaha! O iba din yun sa kuripot ha? :p


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