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NBI’s Miscellaneous Fees?

I went to collect my brother’s NBI clearance this afternoon. After handing over the paper to me, the lady in the counter asked me “Gusto niyo po ng lalagyan ma’am?” I quickly answered with a smile on my face “Yes, please…”

“P10 po”, she said.

Goodness! For a small sized brown envelope (half of an A4 size) they are charging P10?

Rewind. Few months ago, I had applied for my NBI clearance too. After I’m done with the thumbmarking, the “manong” in charged on that table handed me some wet tissues, I was so thankful and all smiling thinking he was so kind not to wait for me to ask for it. The smile on my face vanished when he asked for P10 for giving me 2 small packets of wet tissues.

P10 isn’t a big deal at all. I understand that the government needs funds too. But cmon! I think it is overcharging. Or am I just over reacting?

Anyway, bottom line is I got what I needed today.

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