Nursed a fever at 39.5

After swimming from the inflated pool last Saturday with their cousins, bunso nursed a fever at 39.5 that same night. I wasn’t bothered at all, gave her paracetamol and treated it as common fever, plus the fact that she’s teething. Few hours later, she was okay.

The next day, Sunday, at around 5 am, the fever again shot up to 39. That’s also when I learned that one of their cousins who was with them that Saturday, has started to show measles. That’s what alarmed me actually.

Yesterday, as early as 9am, we were out looking for a new Pedia. No offense to their current Pedia, she’s okay and accommodating but I just feel that it just does not click or say “di sila hiyang” in Tagalog.

Took a trike with the yaya and went around till we found a familiar name. Unfortunately, 2 of the famous Pedia my friends recommended were not available that time. Clinics were closed due to the Holy Week I guess.

Anyway, I was glad that there’s no sign of asthma this time. We also had her CBC and Urinalysis done and so far everything’s normal. But since the fever is still there, I was told to keenly observe her. If rashes show by Thursday starting from the back of the ears, no doubt it’s measles that’s causing her high fever. I hope not. What worries me is that she hasn’t completed her vaccine yet due to the consecutive asthma attacks in the past months.

As per the new Pedia, the signs aside from high fever are dry cough which she already has too and runny nose.

*finger crossed*

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