If I got too excited when I first went to Vietnam last November, I am getting more excited this time. We will be attending another exhibit and conference, but this time it’s all about feeds. Well, there are few reasons behind this excitement.

  1. I’ll be traveling of course again with my travel buddy, Jon but this time it’s like our team is all in. It’ll be the three of us this time, Jon & I plus Gayle who had been my office buddy and offline friend too since I got back to GrainPro. The more, the merrier eh?
  2. It’s no secret that Bangkok is one of the known places where shopping is usually enjoyed. So as early as now, I try to cut down on my personal expenses and do some shopping when I get there.
  3. Of course, after our daily assignments there comes our “goodtime”. Isn’t nice to work with pleasure too at the same time?

Couldn’t wait!

Mitch Carvalho

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