We failed to have our family photos shot last year due to an unfortunate event – my dad passed away and my husband was only here for a week to pay respect. This time I made sure we won’t miss it. So far this is my personal favorite, in black and white.

If I am not mistaken, this particular shot took us more than 5 tries just because we were asked to stare at each other which was kind of awkward to do it in front of someone you don’t even know haha! 

I’m glad my husband was so game following what we were told to do haha! Okay, time to get serious…

I can’t believe how fast the girls have grown. Seems like yesterday when we had our first family photos taken. Ishi was so tiny that we can’t get her full face shown on the camera. Of course, these photos won’t be completed without the Korean pose, showing off the heart sign. See how cool our Dada is!

By next year, I am sure Deye will be taller than me. Can’t wait to have our next family pictures…


Mitch Carvalho

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