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Paper Mache Bangles

I got this idea from the Art Attack book that was given to my eldest daughter last Christmas. The actual piece was actually a holder attached to a hook designed to hold a key, so I thought I could make something else from that almost similar pattern and turn it into bangles, one for me and one each for my daughters.

Materials needed:


Paper towel
Old newspaper
Paint brush

Here’s how you do it:

Twist some strips of newspaper according to the size and shape that you prefer. In this, I used a packing tape to hold the ends together.

Step 1

Apply the glue around the piece that you have just made by using a paint brush. Then wrap it with paper towel. Since the glue sticks to the hand, I inserted a part to a dining fork and used it as the holder as we go ahead with the whole process. I did the first two pieces and let my eldest finished the 3rd one, which was meant for herself. After the paper towel is pasted, start painting it with the paint brush.

After you are done painting it, let it dry.

It took 2 days to completely dry them. I didn’t like much the color combination. I had no choice but to use only these colors as these are the only ones I have available at home. But at least the result turned out good!

Wanna see the finished Paper Mache Bangles? Click here and see.

I’m supposed to make another set, but I’ll be glued now to my pending offline tasks including rv insurance. Need moolah for Christmas you know!

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