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Pink Fridays : iPhone in Kitty and the struggles

Finally, iPhone charger is now in my hands and able to get my phone back to its life. Look what I got?! A pink Hello Kitty case. Pretty isn’t it? I soooo love it!

Rewind. Not sure if I mentioned here earlier that my husband forgot to send the charger through my friend, and the day I got it I tried getting a compatible charger just within my place but failed! I even had it opened thinking there was something wrong with the battery or some parts. Again failed! To cut the story short, I had it slept, totally drained for almost a month since it reached my hands.

Few days ago, hubby sent me a message saying he gave the charger to one of his colleagues who happens to be from Pampanga and has a brother who works in Olongapo. Met with him last night and had it charged. For the third time, failed! The battery doesn’t seem to cooperate, simply because it’s totally drained. So I went to a shop, this time a different guy handled it. It worked. It charged and finally got it back to its life but… when I inserted my sim as I reached home, it doesn’t seem to recognize my card.

Again, I went to the same shop and have it checked thoroughly. He, then found out that the antenna was not properly fixed. I really doubt it was the first tech from the other shop who has done something wrong with it. Even the speaker wasn’t working to think I’ve used it for quite a while when I first had it with me. Well! Enough of whining, at least I have it now working well. All I need to do now is figure out how to use it teehee!

I was supposed to finish an article about

Cyber Monday but I thought I’d finish this first before I missed the posting date. Merry Pink Pasko everyone!

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