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Pizza and noodle lovers

My brother and I are both pizza and noodles lovers. If given the chance to go around the world, we would love to try each country’s famous pizza and enjoy its Chinese food delivery, while having a good time inside our hotel rooms. In fact the last time my brother came home, we were actually looking for a restaurant where you can build your own pizza. I am sure it’s going to be fun. Unfortunately, we did not find one.

I’m really looking forward to my brother’s vacation. I miss those days when I was still working from home. I would always send him out to get something to eat like siopao, friend noodles and pizza in the middle of the night. Or sometimes indulge ourselves to sweets as if there is no tomorrow.

Anyway, he plans to come home in a month or two. I am actually anticipating more weight gain in the following months. Goodluck to me! I really think it is a good timing that I have already started with my slight diet – the no to soda policy, well, at least to start off with. I’d better influence my brother to do the same thing huh?

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