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Revision of brochures

One of the things that I am currently working on is the revision of our Company brochures. A total of 12 products. Trust me, it’s not simple and easy. It’s too technical that Research and Design’s involvement should really be present.  Not only that, the photos that I have are so outdated. Even if I request for a photo shoot, it just won’t happen because majority of the photos that we had were the actual set-up and installation.

Anyway, at the moment we are deliberating on a new design. What we have right now are not too practical and handy, in A4 size and a boring template. I am thinking of having a smaller and folded brochures, and maybe put the products who have similar application together. Say a rack card type (Check how a rack card printing looks like), or a typical hand out.

Gawd! These things do not get off my mind. I am supposed to be thinking about the household when I’m home but it’s not what is happening now. My mind is occupied with work matters even when I am home which I know is not healthy at all. In fact, I sometimes take my pending  jobs home.

Now, I need to explore on a market research and ROI which I have no idea at all. Overwhelming if I may call it! I just hope everything turns out fine.

I almost forgot we also need to get our AVP done. And oh our website also needs a total makeover!!!

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